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  • David Puthuff

What Happens in Uber, Stays in Uber. 12/29/2016


I’m David…

I drive for Uber in the Charleston, SC area.

These are the stories of my experiences while transporting all kinds of people from all kinds of places. These people vary widely in their levels of intoxication. It is not only the drunk stories that make this blog. If they have an interesting story, act peculiar, just fall in love with their driver (that’s me), or are completely outrageous, they have a chance of making the blog. I have asked many of my riders if they think an Uber Blog would go over well. All I hear is a resounding ‘YES!’ One guy is already trying to get me to write a book. (Baby steps). One of the most frequent questions I get is, “How long have you been Ubering?” followed by “What is the craziest Uber ride you have given?” (No, I have not had anyone throw up in my car yet. (Fingers crossed). I do have barf bags in the back seats, just in case-courtesy of United Airlines.

When I chose to drive for Uber, I made the decision that I would accept any call that came my way. I currently have a 98% acceptance rating. When an Uber driver chooses to pick up a rider, all they know is the rider’s name and where they are. We do not know where they are headed until we make the actual pick up. It's kind of a gamble really, because they may be wanting a ride somewhere 2 hours away. This has not happened to me…yet. If that time comes, I will have to make a decision based on time and my gut feeling about that person.

I have debated installing a Go-Pro to capture some of the antics on video and putting them up on YouTube. I have not done this, though, because I have a feeling there would be a requirement for wavers. (Too much paperwork) Also, I am sure there are executives that would not want their darker sides up on social media for all to see.

A blog seemed easier. Here I can change names, if names are needed, and I can edit the content to protect the guilty.

I will put up a bio at some point so people can know my background. That in itself is a story many have a hard time believing. You cannot make up my kind of story though.

So…enjoy the ride and tell a friend about this blog, if it makes you happy.

Who knows, you may just find yourself in here if you Uber in the Charleston area.

Just remember: What happens in Uber, Stays in Uber…OH! And this blog.


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