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E-book Formatting

When your book is finished, edited, and proofread, it is time to decide whether it should be designed for print and/or e-book distribution. I can provide professional e-book formatting for your finished work. My process starts with a Word document, so if your file is a PDF or a Google Doc file, there will be time charged for converting your file into a Word document. Sometimes conversion from a PDF file is not possible. There are so many variations of ways PDF files can be created, I will have to see how it reacts to my conversion software. An easy way to save money on the front end of e-book formatting, with me, is to have your formatted document as a Word file with images in the correct places.

Currently, I do not create images. I am able, though, to work with most any image you want to use in your book. At a minimum, you will probably have an image for your cover and your photo, if you are including an "About the Author" page. The higher the resolution of your images, the better I can make them look for your e-book. I will lower the resolution of the images for the e-book, but I will do it in a way that makes them look awesome on the digital platform. If you envision really decorative chapter headings, title pages, or other artwork, these will also need to be sent to me. Images can affect the pricing of the project. This depends on the number of images involved and how much work it takes to edit them.

Designing the look of an e-book is completely different than designing the look of a manuscript for print. Print design offers an incredible amount of control over the look and feel of the finished book. This is because the designer is only creating a document that needs to work for one printer. When I format an e-book, I have to keep in mind that this e-book may end up on any number of e-reading devices from China, Japan, USA, and many other places. The design cannot be as elaborate as a printed book, but it can still look outstanding. You’ll notice that there is no need for page numbers and running titles. (It will save me time, and you money, if you remove all page numbers and header/footer text) The font choices are also not as extensive. This is not to dissuade you from making an e-book, but to set expectations.

It is very difficult to quote a price here without knowing anything about your book. But, to give you an idea, your basic fiction novel, chapter headers, few images-if any, clickable Table of Contents. I can give you a finished EPUB file for about $200-$250.

Yes, there are applications that claim to be able to create finished e-book files. These files may work on some e-readers, but there is likely a large section of customers who would receive an unacceptable presentation of your book. I actually work at the computer code level in order to make your e-book accessible and readable by the most number of e-readers possible. Every project is different. Let me know what you need. Let me check out your file. Then we can talk and come up with a winning plan.

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