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The fine art of making you sound like you think you sound.

Mastering, by definition, is the process of preparing and transferring an edited and mixed audio file to a data storage device; the source from which all copies will be produced. (via methods such as pressing, duplication or replication)

Typically, mastering involves dynamic processing, such as limiting, tonal processing, equalization, and filtering.

Every audiobook company has a set of specifications that your audio files need to meet. These address everything from bit-rates, sample rates, volume range maximums and minimums, room tone, and floor noise levels.

My job is to make sure all of your files meet these specifications. This way, every chapter has the same qualities and the listener is not having to adjust their volume for each chapter.

Mastering and Editing are usually worked together with a combined price of $70 per finished hour. Reach out to me for pricing, if you only need editing for your files.

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