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Audio Editing

Pops, Clicks, Gasps, Pacing, Gaps, Headers, Hunger, Odd Breathing, Keyboards, Rustling, Paper, etc.


These are some of the little things that can really distract a listener and pull them out of the story.

Some of these noises are unknowingly made by the narrator in the booth. I can provide feedback sometimes that may help prevent these noises in the future. Some noises can be produced in the narrator's recording chain. And some noises just appear out of the ether. Regardless, if it is not part of the story, it has to go.

My job, as an audiobook editor, is to either make these things go away, or create a pickup if I am unable to remove the distraction.

Again, when I edit, my OCD kicks in and I make you sound even more amazing.

Mastering and Editing are usually worked together with a combined price of $70 per finished hour. Reach out to me for pricing, if you only need editing for your files.

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