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I do what is called Quality Control 1, in audiobook production. I make sure the audio reading matches the text. I listen for mispronunciations and other mistakes. Mistakes happen much more often than you would think. Narrators are people, too. They misread words and names, and sometimes repeat a word twice. But you don't want that in your audiobook.


I am quite OCD when it comes to proof-listening your work. Being a lover of audiobooks myself, I am very attentive to what works and what doesn't. I listen for anything that keeps you from presenting natural, clear-sounding audio that is pleasing to the listeners' ear.


Using your provided script , I will listen to your audiobook and take note of any:

  • Misreads

  • Mispronunciations

  • Background noises

  • Editing errors

  • Audio errors

  • Glitches

  • Spacing - Pointing out any inappropriate gaps in speech which may sound dis-jointed or unnatural

  • Pacing


Anything that may sound distracting to listeners.

All will be noted clearly in a proof-report in which I will include:

  • Timestamps

  • Page numbers (If applicable)

  • What I heard

  • Any other comments

My rate for Proof-Listening is $25 per finished hour of audio.

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