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This is the editing step before a proofread. A copy editor will go through your text with a fine-tooth comb and make changes for grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, and light fact-checking. Copy editors may offer ways to recast or reword your sentences if they seem unclear or awkward, but it is not a deep-dive. It is expected that your document has already had a developmental or substantive edit, or that the manuscript is considered to be in good form and just needs a cleanup. (It is advised to have a proofread done after a copy edit, as no editor will catch 100 percent of the errors 100 percent of the time.)

I am primarily a fiction and nonfiction copy editor, but I can copy edit most anything, including IT technical writing.

Rates are variable depending on required turnaround time and complexity of the manuscript. I use a word count and a review of the document to help determine my rates. The more unfinished it is, the higher the rate. If your text isn't ready for a copy editor, I'll let you know when I review the document.

On Average, I charge from $0.015 to $0.02 per word.

This service is available using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If you need other software, (e.g. Mac Pages) please let me know.

Some of the things I look for as I copy edit your document,

  1. Echo words (using the same adjective too frequently)

  2. Sentence structures that need to be rearranged

  3. Vague or unclear pronouns

  4. Word choices

  5. Passive voice

  6. Plus all the usual suspects in a proofread


We can discuss other services. (light formatting, pagination, etc.)

Send me a note and let's start a conversation. I have a feeling we can turn your beauty into a masterpiece.

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